Well, here we are in April already. Like most of you, I am amazed how time flies.  When we were kids, we thought that time almost stood still. The school year would never end; our birthdays took too long to come around; and Christmas would never get here.

Now, all these events fly by so fast that it is hard to keep up. I am embarrassed to say that, despite our best intentions, even our relatives’ and friends’ birthdays come up so fast that they do not always get their cards on time. Also, it does not help that cards and letters mailed from our local postal station take a week or more to get to the intended recipient. The Pony Express must have been quicker.

Speaking of mail – here is a tip:  Do not include gift cards with your greeting cards. I am sure most of you have read that a local contracted postal worker was recently caught taking mail from our postal stations. One would assume that she was not a stamp collector, but rather, she was looking to find something in these mail pieces that she could use.

We were victims of such a “plot.” We sent our daughter-in-law a birthday card with a pre-paid credit card in the card. And it never arrived. So, we and she, were out some money. Now, we only send gift cards that are e-cards that they can download.  It is fast and more secure.

I want to remind you that The VHA Voice is inserted in the Daily Sun on the first Wednesday of each month.  If you are reading this, you probably have figured that out, but you might want to remind your friends and neighbors so that they don’t mistakenly throw The Voice out with the sale ads. 

Finally, there are some upcoming events that may be of interest to you.  These include New Resident Night, The VHA General Meeting, and VHA Bingo.  You will find the time and location of these great programs listed elsewhere in The Voice.

Stay safe and healthy,
John Dean, Vice President