As activities come back to life in The Villages, The VHA is glad to announce that Bingo is back on the schedule.  The next scheduled Bingo Night is July 27th  at La Hacienda Regional Recreation Center.  If you have never been there, La Hacienda is in the Spanish Springs area.  In my opinion, La Hacienda is a beautiful building, built back when each center and country club was custom built.

If you would like an email alert about this and future Bingo Nights, just email me at [email protected]. If you have not been to one of the VHA Bingo Nights, each game has a cash prize.  The best part is that the profits go The VHA Community Foundation and are used to fund donations to various nonprofits in the Villages area.

In CDD 9 news, the board adopted the 2021-2022 budget.  This budget does call for a 20% cut in the maintenance fees that are billed on your property tax bill in November.

The other part of the CDD billing that is on your tax bill is for the “bond” payment.  To clarify a prior comment that I made – if you have paid off your bond none of this applies to you as you are not billed this charge.  If you have not paid off your bond, then you are billed annually for the bond payment.  Your charge for this will drop this year because one of the bonds that makes up this “bond” payment was refinanced at a lower rate.  Lower interest means a lower payment is due.

There are actually three bonds, issued at different times over several years, which make up this charge. In 2022 the next bond that can be refinanced is up and if there is a re-fi at that time then your billing may drop again.  The third bond is small and may not be refinanced.  Each bond had a 10-year call window – they could not be called in and refinanced until 10 years had passed since being issued. Bond 1 hit the 10-year mark, Bond 2 hits it in 2022.

On July 12 we will have a general meeting at Colony Regional Recreation Center with speakers addressing the ambulance issues in the county.

Mike Dollard