The Safe Mobility for Life Coalition is steadfastly committed to reducing serious injuries and eliminating fatalities among Florida’s older road users. This pledge is increasingly vital as today’s Americans are driving longer into their later years than ever before.

The Coalition is pioneering ways to ensure safe mobility for life, notably by promoting the importance of personalized transportation plans. The proactive development and adoption of these plans can ensure Floridians continue to travel safely and reliably as they age.

Given that research by AAA suggests that older adults are likely to outlive their ability to drive safely by 7 to 10 years, alternate transportation options become crucial. Understanding and planning for this can help seniors maintain independence and continue visiting the places they love.

With a new Strategic Action Plan (2022-2025), the Coalition aligns its efforts with major state initiatives like the Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan. This comprehensive and data-driven approach guides their mission to improve road safety for aging Floridians. The Coalition is using baseline data to develop and evaluate resources that target key areas for improvement.

Partnerships with local agencies and organizations, such as the VHA, offer invaluable support. Programs ranging from VHA’s monthly golf cart safety clinics to county “find a ride” services are making tangible differences. Educational initiatives, law enforcement collaboration, and access to medical equipment via organizations like Helping Hands further amplify these efforts.

In a nutshell, the Coalition’s determination is to ensure that Florida’s aging road users achieve safe mobility for life, in the true spirit of proactive safety, and robust community support.

Dan Kapellen
VHA Assistant VP, Central Area