Dear Villager,
I wanted to share some news: Voyage has been acquired by Cruise—a leader in the self-driving car industry. The Voyage team will be joining forces with Cruise in the coming weeks to help accelerate their efforts to launch self-driving services in cities like San Francisco.

Unfortunately, this news means that we will no longer be operating our self-driving cars in your amazing community. We hope to return one day—with a service operated by Cruise—but we do not have a timeline to share just yet.

I wanted to send this message primarily to say thank you. Thank you for sharing the road with our self-driving technology. Thank you for every wave, smile, joke, and piece of feedback. Each interaction with you boosted our energy, and it meant the world to us to have the opportunity to work with you.

At Cruise, we will continue to focus on providing senior citizens more options for safe, affordable transportation. Cruise shares our vision that seniors deserve more and better transportation options, and we can’t wait to deliver on that vision.

I’m including some of my favorite memories of working with The Villages below. Thank you again for being such a welcoming and forward-thinking community.

Oliver Cameron
Voyage Co-Founder & CE