Hi, I’m Vince Czajkoski, candidate for Supervisor in District 9, Seat 4.  My qualifications include:

– A full-time homeowner in Village of Sanibel for 6 years

– Membership on Sanibel social club board

– Neighborhood and church volunteer service

– Over 30 years experience in sales and marketing

Both my job and MBA have afforded me the opportunity to work with financial issues, customer service and problem-solving.  I learned that flexibility to handle any situation was critical to success.  Effective communication, with customers as well as in-house personnel, was a requirement to be an effective leader and earn the trust of those you work with.  We need to practice “collective responsibility” and be committed to each other.  

I would respect the position of Supervisor and be prepared for the meetings as well as the various situations which may arise.  I would be proud to represent you and work as a team member to help make District 9 the desired place to live in The Villages.  

I look forward to working with you.  Thank you.

Vince Czajkoski