The Villages Voice - November 2016

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by Richard

PROFESSIONAL DRIVING WITH RICHARD A significant number of vehicle crashes occur at 4-way intersections controlled by stop lights.  Most crashes at or near stop lights are attributed to left turns, right turns on red, rear end collisions, and red/yellow light runners. Here are my tips to avoid these crashes:  left hand turns – with traffic flowing in both directions, wait behind the wide white stop line on the pavement until you begin to see a break in on-coming traffic. Pull out into the intersection and “claim the intersection.”  When a significant break in on-coming traffic occurs, make your left turn. For right turns on red, first completely stop behind the wide white line on  the  pavement. Wait until to see a break in traffic before pulling out closer to the intersection. When you see a significant break in traffic, make your right turn into the right lane next to the curb. Rear end collisions typically occur when vehicles approaching your stopped vehicle fail to stop for a myriad of reasons, or they un-intentionally let their vehicle slowly roll forward after stopping.  When you stop behind another vehicle, be sure you can see the rear tires of the vehicle in front of you touching the pavement.  Keep your foot on the brake until it’s time to proceed. Never assume cross traffic will always stop at a Red or yellow  light.  When your light turns green look to your left and right to insure cross traffic drivers have stopped before proceeding.  Don’t put your life in another driver’s hands.  When approaching a sudden yellow light, always stop if you can safely.