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Nov 2016 Town Hall Meeting

by Staff

VHA Town Hall Meeting October 18, 2016 There were no introductory remarks by any of the participants prior to the Questions and answers portion of the meeting.
  1. What is the Speed Limit on all Multi-Modal Paths and does it apply to all vehicles?
Lt. Siemer:  Speed limit on the Multi-Modal Paths is 19.8 MPH which is the same as the roadways.  These paths are for golf cars, pedestrians, cyclists and skaters.  LSVs can be on paths…if it is a golf cart/vehicle that can be on a golf course, it can be on the multi modal paths.    
  1. Are Scooters (Vespa, etc) prohibited from using Multi-Modal Paths?
District Government Representative: Scooters are prohibited on the Multi-Modal Paths.  The full Memorandum from our District Counsel Valerie C. Fuchs can be found on our web site at  
  1. Is there a plan to have WIFI in all Recreation Centers?
District Government Representative: The plan for having WIFI in all Recreation Centers will be reviewed during our next budget process.  
  1. How does a Resident submit an anonymous complaint to District Community Standards?
District Government RepresentativeDeed compliance is complaint driven.  Complaints can be made by phone, fax, mail, email and in person.  All printed material becomes a part of public record.  An anonymous complaint can remain anonymous when placed in person, by phone, fax (if phone number is blocked) or mail by stating such and omitting personal information.  
  1. What protocol is provided for the recreation centers use for safely cleaning fluids such as blood from chairs, tables and other equipment?
District Government Representative:  It depends on amount of fluids, incident, location/facility.  If it is minor, staff uses Clorox bleach wipes or 50/50 bleach solution.  If it is major the item or area is taken out of general public use till it has been addressed and deemed safe to open again-i.e. closing a pool. Audience Member follow up:  Does the staff have a protocol which includes the wearing of gloves while cleaning blood? Chief Cain:  The present policy will be reviewed to make sure that is the policy in the recreation centers.  
  1. What shelters are available to Villages residents in case of Hurricane/Tornado events and where are they located? What Government entity determines when they become operational?
Chief Cain:  Shelters come under the control of each county’s Emergency Manager.  In The Villages this would involve the counties of Lake, Sumter and Marion.  The Emergency Manager makes the determination of what type of shelter needs to be open and how to staff for the type of incident anticipated.  Within the boundaries of The Villages there are no designated shelters and we suggest in times of possibly severe weather to shelter with friends.  The closest two approved shelters are Villages Elementary School on Rolling Acres Rd in Lake County (this is also pet friendly) and the other is located at the Wildwood Community Center on Powell Rd in Sumter county (for special needs patients only).  Each county has information posted on their emergency management web site that includes locations of approved shelters throughout their counties along with other helpful information about going to a shelter.  The Villages Charter Schools are not shelters. Lt. Siemer:  Sumter County has 6 shelters.  The Wildwood Community Center for special needs patients, the Wildwood Elementary School, one in Bushnell, the 3 others are in south, east and west areas of Sumter Co.  
  1. A great job was done at the Bonita Postal Station Planting bushes along the newly installed walkway at the rear of the building. Animals have eaten all of the growth leaving only ugly sticks of the Buford Holly.  Can some other planting replace the Holly bushes that will survive?
District Government Representative:  Commercial Properties handles this particular issue.  The District Property Manager has been in contact with them to make them aware of the problem.  
  1. Residents are happy about the redone plantings at roundabouts and circles. Is there a plan to identify blind intersections in residential areas due to overgrown landscaping?  In some intersections in residential areas vehicles are completely hidden at stop signals before they pull out causing several “close calls.”
District Government Representative:  Residents may call Customer Service at 753-4508 to report the specific areas and problems.  Property Management will investigate each call and decide the appropriate solutions.  
  1. Residents are complaining about the number of “speeding” golf carts. Now with the seasonal residents returning this problem will only increase.  Has local Law enforcement considered a golf cart speeding blitz similar to what is done to catch speeding cars?
Lt. Siemer:  We have many units out on the roadways all the time.  This year we will be watching closely for DUI offenders.  Speed signs have been posted.  
  1. The speed limit for the bridge on Morse Blvd going into Lake Sumter Landing is 10 MPH. With the return of our seasonal residents the congestion increases significantly.  Are there any plans to help control the excessive speed of carts in this specific area?
Lt. Siemer:  There is currently a speed sign on the bridge.  We will be looking at other ways to alert golf cart drivers of the 10 MPH speed limit.    
  1. The wooden golf cart bridge along Morse Blvd at the junction near Hope Lutheran Church gets very slippery when wet causing golf carts to skid when stopping for stop signs. Can an adhesive coating be applied or some other method to help reduce this problem?
District Government Representative:  District Property Management is looking into this.  
  1. Is there another Medical facility planned for the Brownwood area and if so, where will it be located? What will be its capabilities and will it be available to all residents?
Dr. Lester:   There is no new information available at this time.  As with all areas of the development, we look to evaluation and meet the needs of the residents.  Continue to watch for additional information in the Daily Sun.  
  1. What steps are taken to protect residents who live in areas where construction is ongoing from flying construction debris during severs weather?
Dr. Lester  During the course of the storm,  our team checked the various construction sites.  Our workers had done an exemplary job of securing their sites in anticipation of the storm. Lt. Siemer:  Florida regulations address this issue.  I also checked these areas. Chief Cain:  Sumter County Chief Building Inspector Jim Barman also checked and complimented the work.  Wood planks may appear to be unsecured; however, they were secured with the necessary fittings.  
  1. Will there be any golf cart access to the Villages from the Trailwinds Development?
Dr. Lester:  No  
  1. Numerous streetlight poles are showing signs of fading paint and require restoration to their original look, particularly among La Paloma and Rio Grande.
District Government Representative:  When specifics are reported District Property Management contacts the utility responsible for this repair.