The Villages Voice - June 2015

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by Staff

AMBER ALERTS FOR OUR FOUR-FOOTED FAMILY MEMBERS Our pets are really members of our family and keeping them safe is of great importance. When one of our four-footed family members is missing, getting them back safely is a number one priority. Whether it is an open door, an open gate, an open car door – or worse, a natural disaster, fire or vehicle accident, the loss of a beloved pet is a call for immediate action. That’s how mobiPET came into being.  Dave Ropes, co-founder (and Chief Pet Finder) of mobiPET realized this was a way for him to “give back” to society – or maybe we should say “pay it forward.”  He developed this first of its kind “Amber Alert” system to help reunite owners with their lost pets. Ropes says his goals in creating mobiPET are to enable any pet owner who wants to register to be able to send out an alert and to make communities and towns safer for pets. Owners register their pets with mobiPET, and should the pet become lost, a “lost pet photo alert” is sent out on social media for the missing pet.   For much more information on this program and how the VHA and the Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County is becoming involved in it, check out the notice in this issue of the Voice and visit the listed website. Future issues of the Voice and also the VHA website ( ) will continue to offer information about this “Amber Alert” program for our furry family members.