The Villages Voice - June 2015

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by Karen S. Krauss, Supervisor of Elections

SUMTER COUNTY VOTE NOTES Have I told you lately that our Sumter County Voter’s rock? Well it’s time to remind you again just how awesome you are when it comes to voter turnout.   As I’m working on preparing for the 2016 elections and looking back at some of the 2012 General Election stats, I can only imagine the excitement and energy my voters will put forth. There are 67 counties in Florida and in the 2012 General Election we came in second in the state with a turnout of 82.2% (73,946 registered voters) only being beat out  by “lil” Jefferson county at 82.4% (9,517 registered voters). Right now we are about to break 86,000 registered voters with a projection of about another 10,000 by the 2016 elections.   So I have great news for you!!! We will now have 6 Early Voting sites for your convenience. I will be opening a new site at the new beautiful Rohan Recreation Center. It will also be used as a new precinct for Election Day to accommodate our new residents moving into the southern portion of The Villages.   And I have wonderful news for our voters who have voted for years at my annex office located at CR 466 in The Villages. WE ARE MOVING! We have endured this little room and hallway for many years with very limited parking; voting anywhere from 800 to 1200 people a day in this tiny room - but getting the job done - and you the voters being ever so gracious and understanding of our predicament. BUT now I will be moving the early voting to the new Tierra Del Sol Recreation Center. It’s just lovely and has lots of parking for our voters.   I am so excited about making these very positive changes for you. I have spoken to many of you about voting and I am always open to ideas that will make your voting experience more of a pleasant one. Sometimes my hands are tied by laws and funding but where I can do, I will do!   Now, I would just like to say that on April 25th, I joined Congressman Nugent at the Savannah Center for the Veteran’s Benefit Resource Fair. There was a wonderful turnout of our veteran’s and I was able to speak and share with so many of them.   I would like to extend an invitation to you.  If you have not visited the Florida National Cemetery located in Bushnell please make the time to take that trip. Why, you ask would I invite you to go see a cemetery? This special place is both humbling and breathtaking. It will make your heart break and then break again with pride for our soldiers and our country. It is so worth driving through, walking the paths, or just sitting on one of the benches and trying to take it all in and listening to the chimes echo through the trees. It really brings things home, folks!   Or you might attend one of the special events held on Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day where we honor all of our military folks for what they have given for their country, for us! It’s located at 6502 S.W. 102nd Ave., Bushnell, FL 33513. Please set aside some time and go see our Veteran’s National Cemetery!   QUOTE FOR THE MONTH: Strength of character isn’t always about how much you can handle before you break, it’s also about how much you can handle after you’re broken.  Robert Tew   Karen S. Krauss, Supervisor of Elections Sumter County www. Sumter 352-569-1540