The Villages Voice - October 2014

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Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches

by Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler

THE VALUE OF WORK Work: Everyone must learn the value of work if they are to be successful in life. The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches believes a strong work ethic is learned through having regular chores as well as various jobs while growing up. Each Youth Ranches child is expected to keep their room clean, do their own laundry and help with chores around the cottage. They are not paid for these chores but expected to do them as a part of the cottage family. Along with their chores, each child has a specific job on campus. In order to get a job, they must fill out an application and interview with their potential boss. Through their efforts, our boys and girls can receive raises, promotions and demotions. On occasion they may be fired. Jobs are located at a variety of worksites around campus, but can include farm work, maintenance, food services, grounds keeping, mechanics or office work. Different jobs require special skills, and they may have to show proficiency through a test to use tools or equipment. In their job, youth earn spending money which enables us to teach financial responsibility. More importantly, they learn work skills and how to work with a boss and co-workers. Tyler has shown characteristics in his approach to his work that all employers desire. He handles his job and responsibilities as if it is his own enterprise he is running. In Tyler’s job at the Van Ness farm he has earned great responsibility. The Van Ness farm is a working ranch, and it provides revenue to help run our campus. Tyler treats the equipment and each animal as if they are his very own. He is responsible in his tasks. Farm Manager Jeff Parker says, “Tyler is trustworthy and responsible. He works well independently and with others. He can be given any task and he completes it quickly and correctly.” Tyler has lived at the Boys Ranch for four years. He has won awards related to general work, cattle, character and leadership, including the 2011 Carleton F. Tweed Memorial Horsemanship Trophy. The Tweed award is presented during the Grand Entry ceremonies of the Boys Ranch Open House and Horse Show held every October. It is presented to the Rancher that maintains a strong participation in riding activities, excellent skills in horsemanship, significant interest in the care and well-being of horses and other animals, and he must demonstrate high standards and positive behavior in all areas of Ranch life. Tyler is a great example of a young man who has applied the principle of work to his life. “I love working at the farm,” says Tyler. “It helps me achieve goals and provides me the encouragement to keep moving in the right direction.” You’re invited to join Tyler, and the rest of the Ranchers, at the 2014 Boys Ranch Open House and Horse Show to celebrate our 57th Anniversary.  The dates are Oct. 3-5. Dress up in your western wear, put on some boots and come enjoy a fun-filled weekend. If you would like more information on the Boys Ranch Open House, or how to help support the kids in our care, please contact us at 1-800-765-3797 or visit us at Tyler is approved to work with every piece of equipment at the farm. Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler presents the 2011 Carleton F. Tweed Memorial Horsemanship Trophy to Tyler during the Boys Ranch Open House and Horse Show.