The Villages Voice - October 2014

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Sumter County Vote Notes

by Karen S. Krauss

SUMTER COUNTY VOTE NOTES We have finished the audit on the primary election which came out perfectly and we have sent the results on to the Division of Elections. But, before I put away the files, I thought I would share a few things about the election with you. At the time of the primary election we had 81,337 registered voters. The breakdown is as follows: Republican 40,682 (50.02%), Democrat 23,677 (29.11%) and Nonpartisan 16,978 (20.87%). Of the 81,337 registered voters there were 14,988 ballots cast in the election for a total of 18.43%. The breakdown in votes cast by party was Republican 9,779 (65.25%), Democrat 4,369 (29.15%) and Nonpartisan 840 (5.60%). The overall percentage statewide was 17.61%. Yes, the turnout was low but I have seen it much lower AND at least we did beat the state aver Now that we have covered the primary election information let’s move on to the general election. The general election ballot has been coded and is being printed so that we can get the absentee ballots out in the mail to those of you who have requested them.  Some things I want to remind you of regarding your absentee ballots. If you are going to request an absentee ballot but just haven’t done so yet… please do it now. Do NOT wait until a few days before the election. By the time we mail it to you and you mail it back to us, it will more than likely get back to us after election day and the election will already be over! It will NOT count! By law, it MUST be back to the Supervisor of Elections office by 7:00 p.m. on election day in order to count. So please call our office now (352-569-1540) and request your ballot.
    1. If you feel the need to update your signature you may do so by filling out a new voter registration application and turn it into our office before Election Day Canvassing for the General Election.
    2. Remember to sign your absentee envelope before sending it back to us.
    3. Under no circumstances can you sign someone else’s name for them on their absentee ballot.
    4. When voting on your ballot please read it over very carefully and follow the instructions. Where it says to “Vote for One” or “Vote for Two” etc…. do not fill in all of the ovals for us please. And, we understand that many of our voters have a sense of humor and certainly have their opinions about certain candidates and issues on the ballot. But, when you write them on the ballot it causes us to have to stop and duplicate that ballot in order to run it through our very sensitive tabulators. This costs not only time - but money…. I have to admit we do get a good laugh and sometimes a bit of a shock at some of the comments! And, we always receive the ballot that has the coffee stain and the one that appears that the dog chewed it up… but we’ll take them however you send them, we just want you to VOTE!I do want to brag for just a moment. I know I preach at my voters about a lot of things: your absentee ballots, updating your signatures, keeping your address up to date and on and on. During the primary election, both during early voting and on election day, Sumter County only had (2) voters out of 14, 988 that forgot to bring their photo and signature I.D.s to vote. These (2) voters filled out all the necessary paperwork and voted a provisional ballot as required by law. Their ballots did count as provided by law. I was very proud of my voters - you did such an awesome job of doing your part which just makes our poll workers jobs so much better and keeps those lines moving. So I applaud you!!! Let’s do it again in November! QUOTE FOR THE MONTH: Sometimes, not saying anything is the best answer. You see, silence can never be misquoted.
Karen S. Krauss, Supervisor of Elections Sumter County