The Villages Voice - October 2014

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Professional Driving with Richard

by Staff

PROFESSIONAL DRIVING WITH RICHARD Turning right at a controlled intersection like Buena Vista and 466 -- Assume you are the lead vehicle in the right turn lane with a red light -- Make sure you come to a complete stop -- feel the wheels stop turning!!!! Stop behind the wide white stop line on the pavement -- the front of your vehicle should be behind the wide white line. Next -- assess the traffic situation -- if heavy streaming traffic exists do not pull out beyond the wide white line on the pavement and expose yourself to a potential wreck in the intersection.  Once you see breaks in the cross traffic slowly pull beyond the wide white line until you can see better and stop again. Look to your left one more time to verify you have adequate time to turn into the right lane next to the curb or shoulder. Then look to see no one on your right is making a U-turn around the end of the median.  By the time you have taken these precautionary steps the red light has probably turned green anyway -- so why take the risk of turning right on red when it most likely takes just a few seconds until you have a green light.