The Villages Voice - October 2014

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Area and Region News

by Robin Worth & Dan Bard

AREA AND REGION NEWS The VHA has grouped the VHA Regions into areas North, Central & South and named interim area Vice-Presidents of each area. North Vice President – Robin Worth – 804-966-1316 Central Vice President – Phil Walker – 753-8618 South Vice President – Kay Elder – 633-9494 VHA North Area Robin Worth – VHA North, comprised of Lady Lake/Lake County and Regions 1, 2, 3 & 4, will meet Thursday, Oct. 16 from 6:30-8:30 at the Chula Vista Recreation Center. One subject on the agenda for this meeting will be Community Standards. The Villages and villas contained in Regions 1 through 4 are listed in the VHA Representatives section of this issue of the Voice. Each Village and Villa VHA Representative is also listed along with a contact phone number.  Lady Lake/Lake County Regions Dan Bard, Director – 391-2035. This is the last article before the November 4, 2014 Amenity Authority Committee (AAC) selection. Property owners in the Lady Lake portion of The Villages will select one of these candidates: Lowell Barker, Ric (Doc) Jones, or Frank Kirchenheiter to fill the position currently held by Jo Weber, who has served the last four years. As Ms. Weber’s term draws to a close, we thank her for her leadership in facilitating the remodeling and/or updating of the Paradise, Chula Vista, and Silver Lake Recreation Centers, the Hacienda, Silver Lake and Chula Vista Pools. Just about all the Recreation Department Properties in our portion of The Villages have had her attention this past four years. Also important, we thank the three candidates who are stepping forward to offer their services for the next four years. They will be representing over 5,500 households. If you get the opportunity, please talk with the candidates to hear their philosophies on serving with the AAC. Remember only one property owner per household will be making the selection (one property – one vote) at the Paradise Recreation Center. Per Jennifer McQueary, District Clerk for The Village Community Development District (VCDD), “During the 2008 and 2010 elections there were 5,569 properties in The Villages in Lady Lake/Lake County. In both elections the voter turnout was right around 15%.” Let us see if we can do better than 371 votes this election!! Absentee ballots are available. Contact Jennifer at 352-751-3939 if you will be out of town on November 4th and would like to vote by absentee ballot. By now you know we will be having a property tax increase in the Town of Lady Lake. This increase is not due to over spending or mismanagement. It is due to a reduction of the community service tax the town receives from the state. This is a loss of $635,000 annually. All departments in the Town of Lady Lake have made severe cuts to help reduce this tax increase. FYI: The tax assessed value of the Town of Lady Lake is $893,157,000. Sixty seven percent is residential and thirty two percent is commercial. Spanish Springs is about to grow! An assisted living facility at 930 Alverez Avenue has been approved. This three story building will have 50 assisted living beds and a 36 bed memory care unit. Town of Lady Lake residents! Your town board meets Oct. 6th and Oct. 20th at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall building (across the street from the new McDonald’s on Hwy. 441). Feel free to attend these meetings and learn more about your town. The board members will be happy to see you! Sharon Morse Performing Art Center watchers! Check out YouTube. Type in Sharon Morse Performing Art Center and watch the 6 minute tour of the building.