The Villages Voice - October 2014

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Club Connection - Electronics Disposal

by Carol Lynn Nelson

2014 – October Club Connection While out walking the dog early one morning, I passed by two houses where someone had set out electronics for the trash pickup – a copier and a fax.  Both items looked perfectly fine to me.  Now granted, looks aren’t everything but items in such good condition might be able to be refurbished or repaired and given to an organization or someone that could use them.  The problem is, we don’t know where to take the item or who could use it so I did a little research.  Here is what I found: First of all The Villages Computer Club ( will accept computers and printers.  Quoted from the website; “While the VCC is not in the business of refurbishing old computers, we do encourage and facilitate the donation of computer equipment to a group of independent refurbishing volunteers, as a service to our community. You may drop off this equipment at any of the club’s Friday meetings where it will be collected by the refurbishing group. You also may arrange for a pickup of your donations by contacting Fred Whitson at This equipment is then repaired and restored for use by needy residents of our area. The VCC cannot provide a receipt for tax deduction purposes for any donated equipment.”   A member of the club whom I spoke to said they refurbish and donate approximately 250 computers each year to Boys & Girls Clubs, churches, schools, and needy students.  The club meets every Friday at 1 pm.   On the first & third Friday it is at the Hacienda Recreation Center and the second & fourth Friday it is at the Lake Miona Recreation Center. What is so wonderful about our very own computer club is that they will erase the data for you.  You will never lose sleep over whether you may have left something on your computer or where your personal information may end up. Other drop-off places (see below) make it the owner’s responsibility to erase the data and if you are like me, you are saying “Huh?”  Even when you think you have deleted everything, there still may be a lot of information “buried” within your computer. Best Buy will accept computers as well as faxes, floor care (such as scrubbers & vacuums), TVs’ and most large appliances for recycle.  Visit their website ( – put recycle in the search box) for a complete list of items – there are many – but no mention that they will refurbish and donate – just dispose. Staples ( – put recycle in the search box) also accepts computers as well as various other used electronic equipment such as cameras, shredders, cordless phones, ink cartridges – but not TVs’.  Again, go to their website for the list of items they will accept.  And as always, it is best to call ahead just to be sure. Let’s keep this stuff out of the landfills and, when possible, give where it will do the most good.  Now you are armed with knowledge.  Spread the word.  This information will also be listed on our website  - VHA Community Foundation: Club Connection. Carol Lynn Nelson