The Villages Voice - July 2013

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VHA Regions 5 News

by Larry Recla

Larry Recla, Director, 430-1114
Stan Golove, Assistant Director, 751-5249

Due to problems with the presenters, we were unable to have our Annual Sinkhole Presentation for our Summer Annual meeting.  
We plan to have a Villages Health and USF Health presentation for our General Meeting on October 21 at Lake Miona Recreation Center.  More information on this meeting will be sent out closer to the date.
Our Regional Representatives have just met with Janet Tutt and Carrie Duckett in May.  Lieutenant Nehemiah Wolfe met with us in June, and Lieutenant Gina Lambert will meet with us in July.
Consider becoming a neighborhood representative and stay ahead of the “information curve.”
Larry Recla
Director, Region 5