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Sumter County Vote Notes

by Karen Krauss Supervisor of Elections

Now that the Legislative Session has ended; I have provided below a section breakdown of the election reform bill that was passed.  Chapter 2013-57 Laws of Florida, will not be in effect until January 1, 2014.  The supervisors of elections throughout the state will be spending a lot of time reviewing these changes before their implementation and pre-clearance occur.

    CHAPTER 2013-57/HB 7013
1    Late registration for military or family member returning from deployment or activation or employment, outside U.S.
2    Requires an election preparation report by SOE 90 days prior to general election be posted on SOE website.
3    Moves primary to ten (10) weeks from twelve (12) weeks prior to general election.
4    Allows electors who move to another county to cast regular ballot if new county has electronic database (poll book) as precinct register at polling place.
5    Multi-language counties may petition DOJ to provide single language ballots for minority language electors.
6    75 word limit on first ballot summary: elimination of full text statement of presumption and full text requirement.
7    Vendor registration required.
8    Vendor defect reporting process.
9    Extends disability voter accessibility requirements to 2020 from 2016.  Removes requirement that all voting systems permit placement of full text of constitutional amendments.
10    Automated audit in addition to manual audit allowed.
11    Requires absentee ballots to be mailed to FVRS addresses on file; request must be in writing if ballot is mailed to address other than on FVRS file. No absentees issued on election day except for emergency.
12    Allows ten (10) day extension for oversees elector in PPP or general election.

    Early voting sites expanded to include fairground, civic center, courthouse, county commission building, stadium, convention center, government owned senior center or government owned community center; also one site per county in area which has no designated sites. Early voting for eight (8) days with discretion for up to fourteen (14) days; minimum eight (8) hours maximum twelve (12) hours per day. Must have at least the same number of early voting sites for general election as in 2012.
14    Exception for overseas voters A/B – ten (10) days after in PPP or general – same as 12.
15    May use precinct register for signature verifications. Notify elector whose ballot was rejected of specific reason. Affidavit may be used to cure unsigned A/B. Unsigned A/B may be cured by submitting ID and affidavit by 5:00 pm no later than the day before the election. Affidavit is then attached to A/B envelope for canvass.
16    Overseas A/B counted ten (10) days after PPP or general.
17    Same as 12, 14, and 16 ten day extension.
18    No solicitation of electors within 100 feet of SOE office where A/B are requested or printed; Solicitation areas may not be designated outside 100 feet.
19    Alternate canvassing board members provided; SOE must upload A/B and early votes that have been canvassed by 7:00 pm, Monday before election.
20    Changes date of PPP to conform to major political party rules (first Tuesday in March). Eliminates PPP Date Selection Committee.
21    Limits possession to two (2) A/B’s by paid persons.
22    Changes effective date for honorarium events by committees of continuous existence.
23    Bill is effective January 1, 2014, except for provisions related to section 22.

QUOTE FOR THE MONTH: “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

Karen S. Krauss, Supervisor of Elections
Sumter County
Editor’s Note:

For more information on the election reform bill and other legislation passed in this year’s Legislative Session, go to:

Laws of Florida
A verbatim publication of the general and special laws enacted by the Florida Legislature in a given year and published each year following the regular session of the legislature.  It presents the laws in the order in which they are numbered by the Secretary of State, as well as resolutions and memorials passed by the legislature.

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