The Villages Voice - April 2013

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VHA Region 9 News

by Nicolas Hemes

Report for District 9

(Villages of Charlotte, Fernandina, Gilchrist and Sanibel)

By Nicolas Hemes Regional Director


Welcome to all residents now ensconced “South of 466A.” Build out is now all but complete in Sanibel, and the other Villages are not far behind.

The new Recreation Center “Bradenton” is open; to be followed shortly by  Collier, Eisenhower and Hillsborough Rec. Centers.  As always, check your Daily Sun for the latest news.

More new golf courses, both Championship (18 hole) and Executive (9 hole), will continue to open in 2013. Plus a Special Attraction for Lady Golfers is the arrival on April 27-28th of the Legends Tour to be held at Nancy Lopez Country Club and hosted by the Distinguished Professional Golfer Nancy Lopez. Tickets go on sale at Walgreens (The Tour Sponsor) on April 1st.  Tickets will be $10 for residents and $15 non residents.

Another important date is May 8th when Mark Morse will be the guest speaker for the next VHA General Membership meeting to be held at the Savannah Center at 7pm.This event is reserved for VHA Members Only. (Not to worry; membership is available at the door.)  Two year Household Membership is $15 and a Lifetime Membership is $60. If you would like to beat the rush, you can send your Membership in by filling in the membership form in this newsletter (The Voice).  By joining you will always be caught up on the “goings on” in The Villages and know the facts rather than relying on rumors.

Scott Wilder, Director of Community Watch shared a very interesting piece of news.  He said that due to the heavy construction activity south of 466A (Regions 9 & 10), the Community Watch has deployed 2 specially equipped vehicles featuring magnets to sweep the roads.  These vehicles have been most successful in removing metal objects from the area.  Additionally the Watch is removing debris that has fallen off trucks.  We welcome their stewardship in maintaining a clean environment for Villagers and visitors.   

Lastly for you gardening types, it’s time to clean up and put new plants, shrubs and flowers in your gardens. For tips on what to plant and when, be sure to contact the University of Florida Master Gardener Program located at the Sumter County Annex on 466 at Morse Boulevard. Also, if you haven’t; be sure to explore our wonderful Gardening Clubs in The Villages.

Remember your local VHA representative is ready, willing and able to assist you with any information regarding The Villages.  For the name of your VHA Representative see the Representative list in this newsletter.

Also, we are seeking Representatives in ALL the Villas (except Paige), plus the Villages of Gilchrist and Pinellas.  In you are interested in this Volunteer Position or would like more information about what is involved in volunteering please email: Nicolas Hemes Director Region 9 or 

call 386-984-7979.

Have a wonderful Spring enjoying The Villages.