The Villages Voice - April 2013

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Florida No Fault Insurance

by Sumter - Marion Ins

Florida No Fault Insurance - An often misunderstood phrase

When someone refers to Florida being a “no fault” state they are not referring to damage to a car, they are referring to medical benefits.  Most of us have heard the term PIP coverage and know we are required to carry it in order to register our car with the state, but what is it? New changes in your PIP coverage went into effect on January 1st of this year. It is necessary to understand your coverage now, not after you’ve been involved in an accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) became mandatory in 1972. There are 4 parts to PIP:  Medical payments, reimbursement of lost wages, replacement services and death benefit. The maximum total benefit allowed is $10,000 with medical paid at 80%, lost wages 60%, replacement services 100% and the death benefit at $5,000.  To clarify, PIP only applies to bodily injury claims.  PIP is primary, with the exception of worker compensation, against all other forms of medical and disability insurance.

Okay, so now you know the basics regarding PIP; what changed?  There is now a time frame in which you must receive medical attention following an accident; 14 days to be exact. In order to receive payment for medical services rendered you must have received initial medical care by a licensed physician, licensed dentist, ambulance, or hospital just to name a few. Massages and acupuncture are not included in your PIP coverage.  If your injury is determined to be an emergency medical condition you qualify for the full benefit of your PIP coverage.  If it is determined to be a nonemergency medical condition you are only qualified to receive up to $2,500 toward your medical payments.

Hopefully I have clarified some of the confusion. Let’s review. Damage to your car because someone backed out of a parking space behind you is not covered through Florida No Fault. Bodily injury caused by a car accident, yes.  Up to $10,000 is covered under Florida No Fault.  If I have brought some light to the subject, wonderful! If not, please contact your local insurance agent for further explanation.

This information is provided courtesy of The Villages / Sumter-Marion Insurance.