The Villages Voice - May 2011

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The Villages by the Numbers

by Staff

The Villages by the Numbers

The Villages is the largest golf community in the world currently with 486 holes of golf, eclipsing Mission Hills (China), which is the second largest facility with 216 holes.  Last year Villagers and their guests played

1.      How many Villagers are regular golfers?

2.      How many Villagers golf in men’s and ladies day?

3.      How many Villagers maintain a golf handicap?

4.      Among the 80,000 residents using golf carts, how many of those golf carts in The Villages are never or seldom used for golfing?






By the Numbers Answers:


1.      About 18,600 Villagers were priority golf members or pay trail fees last year to play golf regularly in The Villages.

2.      About 600 men who play golf on men’s day at peak season (championship and executive), and about 250 women who play golf on ladies day at the peak.

3.      The Villages handicap committee says that there are typically about 8600 Villagers registered with ghin making The Villages the facility with the largest number of golfers who maintain handicaps.

4.      There are about 46,500 golf carts in The Villages to support about 18,600 regular golfers.  Therefore, (estimating for two-golfer carts), there are about 30,000 golf carts that don’t make it to the golf course very often, if ever.