The Villages Voice - May 2011

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Golf Tips Correct Tees are Keys for Enjoyment

by Erik Greulack

Golf Tips – Correct Tees are Keys for Enjoyment by Erik Gruelach

At each Good Golf School, I ask the question; have any of you ever found the game to easy? Not surprisingly no one has ever raised their hand J I’d venture to guess the vast majority of you are playing the game for pure enjoyment. Well, I’m here to tell you that selecting a tee position suitable for your skill level is probably the most important factor in your enjoyment of the game. This will not help par to be a more attainable score, but will assist a new or high handicap golfer in maintaining their position on the course without undue pressure. For a new golfer, we recommend starting at the most forward tees, the green tees, regardless of gender, and moving back as your ability dictates. As a PGA Professional, we are accustomed to playing the “back tee’s”, however in recent years, I’ve found greater enjoyment from playing a set up on most of our courses in The Villages, and recently played a course from two sets up from the back. We witness far too many folks, especially on the Executive courses, playing from the Black tee’s (which are the longest), that are not commensurate with their playing ability. The black tees are difficult, and I’d speculate a single digit handicap would be the appropriate range for a golfer to consider the black tees. The next time you tee it up, consider playing a set more forward than your norm and see if the game is more enjoyable, you can always move back if you find the course too easy! Until next time, may all your drives find the short grass!