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Golf Handicap 101 Questions with John Bilbrough

by Staff

Golf Handicap “101” Q&A’s with Handicap Chairman John Bilbrough  

The following are a few explanations of proper Handicap procedures that will, hopefully, assist Villagers in posting proper golf scores.

I was rained out after 14 holes, should I post?  


Yes! You would post the score for the 14 holes "plus" par for the remaining holes adding in a stroke for any hole that the scorecard showed you would receive a stroke. e.g. if your handicap would give you a stroke on holes 15 and 18, you would post par for holes 16 and 17 and bogey for holes 15 and 18.

What if I was rained out after 7 holes?

You would follow the same procedure as above for nine holes, and post your score as a 9 hole score. The computer will file this in memory and the next time you post a 9 hole score, it will combine them into an 18 hole posting.

Note: 6 holes or less………… not post

     7 to 13 holes…………….post a 9 hole score

     14 to 18 holes………….post an 18 hole score

How do I determine my course handicap?


You take your USGA Handicap index (let’s say 13.6) and multiply it by the courses slope rating (let’s say 124) and then divide it by 113. This will give you your handicap for that particular course, in this case, 14.9, rounded up to 15. (If the decimal is 0 to 4, round down. if the decimal is 5 to 9, round up.)

What is "Equitable Score Control" (ESC)?

ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the players "Course" handicap. Note that it is the "course" handicap, not your handicap "index".  During a round, record your actual score on the scorecard but when posting make adjustments according to the following ESC guidelines:

9 or less                       double bogey              

10 - 19                            7

20 - 29                            8

30 - 39                            9

40 or more                        10

How do I post during match play with conceded putts?


This is commonly misconstrued as a non-postable score but this is incorrect. On each hole that a concession is given you post "your most likely score". For example, if you are conceded a 6" putt, you would only count one stroke. However if you were conceded a 25’ putt, you would count 2 strokes, your "most likely score". If however, you were totally out of a hole and picked up after "X" strokes, you would record according to your ESC limit.

Should you have any questions on any situation regarding Handicaps, please do not hesitate to contact a member of The Villages Handicap Committee. Their contacts are posted on each bulletin board at Championship Courses. As a member of USGA and the GHIN system, it is a requirement that there be a Handicap Committee. Your Villages Handicap Committee consists of one man and one lady for each Championship Course plus an Executive Committee. The Committee meets monthly.