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Ask the Chief

by Chief Ed Nathanson

...ask the chief - Roundabouts

I am constantly asked to explain how roundabouts are supposed to be navigated.

For the record, I would like to point out that the Town of Lady Lake does not have any roundabouts within its jurisdiction. In the past, I would refer those individuals who inquired of me to contact either The Sumter County and / or the Marion County Sheriff’s Offices, as they have roundabouts in their jurisdictions.

However, it seems as though this particular topic has become very popular lately and I have been requested to write an …ask the chief article about it.

Simply put, a Roundabout is a circular intersection where vehicles yield at entry to traffic already within the circulatory roadway and all vehicles flow in a counter-clockwise direction around a central island.

As opposed to reinventing the wheel, The Sumter County Board of County Commissioners in cooperation with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office has developed an educational guide (see attached) to navigating roundabouts in Sumter County. At the request of Sumer County officials, the District is providing this brochure for your information. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the Sumter County Public Works Department at 352-793-0240.

This brochure is also accessible by going to the following link:  If you go to this website, just scroll down to the bottom and there is a brochure named Sumter County Roundabout Brochure, just click on it and it will open up.

Our desire is voluntary compliance to all traffic laws. We provide drivers with the ability and the opportunity to make good choices and the rest is up to them. However, should a driver not have the desire to voluntarily comply with the rules and laws of this state,  upon our discovery of violations, we would deal with them accordingly. 

I would like to point out that driving is a privilege and not a God given right. I predict that if drivers obey all traffic laws regardless if anyone is around to observe a violation,  then this will never be an issue for them to deal with. However, if a driver makes poor choices, then they would and should be held accountable. Safety is the name of the game and voluntary compliance is truly our goal. Unfortunately, enforcement is sometimes a necessary evil.

Remember, together we can make a positive difference, Until next time – let’s be safe out there!

Chief Ed Nathanson 
Lady Lake Police Department 
423 Fennell Blvd. 
Lady Lake, Florida 32159 
(352)751-1566 Fax