The Villages Voice - May 2011

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VHA Regions 5 and 8

by Chuck Wildzunas

VHA Regions 5 & 8

About 35 neighborhood representatives from Regions 5 & 8 recently had an opportunity to meet with Diane Tucker, Administrative Operations Manager, and her staff for a presentation on the differences in the mechanics of ensuring deed compliance in District 5 as compared to District 8 and the workings of the Architectural Review Committee....  After the presentation there was a lively question and answer session.

Check out the listing of our neighborhood representatives and if we do not have a name of a representative for your Village or Villa and if you would like to have a monthly opportunity to meet with leaders in our community then give me a call and let’s discuss it....  The requirements for becoming a neighborhood representative are:

1- Be a current member of the VHA.

2- Have an interest in learning more about life and happenings in The Villages.

3-  Enjoy talking with other residents about The Villages.

4-  Have an interest in effectively filtering rumor from fact.

5-  Have a desire to get to know others with many of the same interests as you have.

6-  Live in a Village or Villa for which we need a representative.

Just a reminder that if you live in CDD5 or CDD8 and would like to have the monthly issue of this newsletter sent to you via email, just send the following information:



Phone Number(s)

Date VHA Membership Expires

CDD District you live in, if you know it....

Send this information to:

Chuck Wildzunas

Chairman, Regions 5 & 8, VHA