The Villages Voice - May 2011

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VHA North Region

by Fred Dowling

VHA North Region

Now that the traffic has settled back to “normal” with the departure of the “Snow Birds” please remember there are still lots of visiting friends and relatives touring the new cart paths north of Rt. 466. Please help them, and us, enjoy these new paths by advising visitors and remembering yourself that these are NOT “high speed” expressways. Two carts meeting at 20 mph has the same force as 1 cart meeting a brick wall at 40 mph.  Enjoy them and remember that they were not “free”. Millions of dollars of amenity fees paid for them.  Also remember as full time residents you have the duty to watch how your money is spent by the AAC and the CDD.  We are fortunate to have a very efficient government entity that now gets us the most of every one of our dollars they spend.  It is up to you to keep it that way.

Last week I met a Village resident who has been here over 15 years.  In the conversation I mentioned he lived in District 2 and to my surprise he had no idea what I was talking about.  He is happy to be retired and active in several recreation department sports but has no cares about the fees or taxes he pays now.  I am sure that would change if there ever was an increase or if his activities were to be cut back.

Please join us (the VHA) in being aware of how this wonderful ‘mega” retirement community runs for your benefit and the benefit of future residents.  Contact one of the VHA Regional Directors listed on page 2 of “The Voice” to become more involved in your community.  Take an hour or so to attend the free CDD Orientation held almost every Thursday morning.  This is especially important for the new recently retired resident who has plans to be active for a long while.