The Villages Voice - May 2011

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The Villages Buzz

by Staff

The Villages Buzz

VHA Members Invited for an Evening with The Developer


May 11th at 7 p.m. at the Savannah Center, Mark Morse will be giving his annual update to VHA Members on The Villages – Progress over the past year, what’s happening and coming soon.   In addition to views on issues and insight to decision making, Mr. Morse has used this venue in the past to introduce new programs and share development plans.  To avoid the long lines and waits of previous years for this popular event, free tickets are available on first-come basis at The Villages Box Office locations with presentation of your VHA Membership and Resident ID cards.


Old Resident ID’s No Longer Accepted at Facilities

68,973 counterfeit-proof resident ID cards were issued during the replacement program ended March 31st.  The new counterfeit-proof ID’s are now required for access and use of amenities, guest passes and tee times.  Replacement ID are still available for the approximately 12,000 residents still holding their expired ID’s at District Government Customer Service for a fee of $10, operating hours are Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm. 

OBH Road Maintenance


The VHA has formally requested that Lake County put Teakwood Lane and an uncovered section of Paradise Drive on its maintenance schedule.   In a similar action last year, Lake County picked up maintenance of Tarrson Boulevard at the VHA’s request.  Lake County Board of County Commissioners confirm that they are working toward a resolution for Paradise and Teakwood expected soon for the plat transfer that was made in August 1968.

Vmail Shares Big News in Developments South


The May Vmail Newsletter includes much information about what is planned in The Villages’ regions south of CR466A, including residential areas, developments and open area use.  Vmail is great source of information about what’s happening in The Villages that was introduced at the VHA’s General Meeting two years ago.  You can sign up to receive Vmail Newsletters each month automatically on website.

Tunnel Detour CR101 Continues

The CR101 golf cart tunnel near Crispers is close to final decisions on repairs and costs with the Engineering Study just completed.  The expense is expected to be covered by the original contractor and the reopening is yet to be determined.  In the meantime, Sumter County will be continuing the temporary four-way stop and golf-cart crossing of CR101 to support Villagers access to facilities and services in the Buffalo Ridge region.  Watch the website for updates.

Gift Keeps on Giving

Six months ago the Developer gifted the Catering Building at La Hacienda to the District for the benefit of Villagers with expected annual net positive revenue of about $45,000.  In the first six months since the transfer, the Catering facility has been generating income to the expected levels.

Painting Courtyard Driveways South

 Courtyard Villas in Districts 6, 7 and 8 have had some painting approved as agreed upon by a majority of their respective owners and approved by the Developer.  No printed direction and guidance is currently available on the recent procedure.   So if you’re in these Districts and have questions about the process, contact Community Standards for information at 751-6719.