The Villages Voice - May 2011

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Presidents Message

by Don Hahnfeldt

President’s Message – VHA Past Presidents Approve and Support

Last month the VHA Board of Directors participated in the third annual Presidents Forum with VHA Past Presidents.  The objective was to draw on the experience of past presidents for direction and guidance in setting policy and reviewing past performance on issues important to Villagers.  Past Presidents also assisted the VHA Board in setting priorities for 2011-12, following a review the Board’s goals and objectives for the coming year.  There have been 12 presidents of The Villages Homeowners Association.

Past presidents approved of the VHA’s policy on issues, which is essentially to be unbiased and objective through the decision-making process, ensure that decision-making bodies have complete and accurate information, support the decision-making process and then support the final decision.  Specific issues such as the performing arts center and Moffitt Cancer Center in The Villages were reviewed in this context. 

There were no surprises among the Past Presidents’ priority setting.  They included keeping Villagers informed and combating misinformation, focus on healthcare, and support elected decision-making bodies and hold them accountable.  They recommended returning a greater benefit to Villagers through programs like commercial partner discounts and Helping Hands – already two very popular programs.

The Past Presidents continued support of the VHA and The Villages’ community is very much appreciated by the VHA Board and Members.

Developer Update to the VHA Next Week

One of the best attended events in The Villages each year is the Developer’s update and the opportunity for VHAers to hear directly from the Developer on what’s happening and what’s coming to The Villages.  With so much having taken place over past year and so much more coming in the next one to four years, this year’s update is highly anticipated.  The entire Savannah Center is dedicated to this year’s presentation coming on Wednesday, May 11th, at 7 p.m.