The Villages Voice - February 2020

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Pool Usage Reminders

by VHA Staff


FOR OUR SNOWBIRD GUESTS AND RESIDENTS:  The following summary of basic guidelines and information was taken from the District Government website’s Recreation Department section.  Please refer to for more details and whenever you have a question concerning The Villages guidelines, departments, administration, government, and services in general.   Basic Rules for All Pools:
  • Please shower before entering the pools.
  • No food or drink is allowed.
  • No smoking in pool area.
  • Appropriate swim attire only.
General Information:
  • Swimming is at your own risk.
  • All pools are heated if needed to 81-84°.
  • All pools close at dusk; ½ hour before sunset.
  • A courtesy phone is available at each pool. Call 911 in case of an emergency.
Neighborhood (Adult) Pools:
  • For residents and guests 30 and older.
  • Noodles, unbreakable masks, and goggle are only items allowed in the pool
  • Pools are for socializing and leisure activities. Please find a regularly scheduled exercise group at a sports pool for more purposeful swimming.
Family Pools:
  • It is requested that children 36 months of age and younger wear protective swim products
  • No running, horseplay, or throwing of any objects in the pool/pool area.
  • Noodles, unbreakable masks, goggles, and small plastic buckets are the only items allowed in the pool.
  • Please encourage small guests to take bathroom breaks.
  • Approved life vests are permitted. Infant and toddler flotation devices are allowed with adult supervision.