The Villages Voice - August 2010

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Multimodal Path Project Starts Construction

by Staff


Most residents now realize that the path reconstruction project is underway.  It was so exciting to see the earth moving equipment arrive and the work zones being established.  The entire community has anxiously awaited these improvements and they are now upon us.

However, arriving with the reconstruction project is an emphasis on safety practices and the need to adhere to construction zone signage, posted detours, and traffic laws.  Just recently, a golf cart driver was witnessed racing through the cones on the El Camino Real path near the Savannah Center with workers all around.  This golf cart driver placed everyone in the work area in danger unnecessarily.  It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to slow down when you are nearing these areas.  You may not be aware of sudden changes in traffic patterns or closures and speeding into an unknown situation is a recipe for disaster.  Please, for everyone’s safety, use caution and slow down.

Each week, District staff meets with the contractors working on this project to discuss the upcoming schedule and any issues or concerns.  A common occurrence reported by the contractor is residents stopping to talk to the workers about the work they are doing.  In addition to being extremely dangerous, this keeps the contractors from performing their work and slows progress.  Contractors will be required to meet our aggressive completion schedule and any distraction from their work could impact the deadline and the quality of the work being performed.  We need their full attention and focus placed on the task at hand.  Please refrain from entering the work areas for any reason. 

Did you know that detours can be fun?  Just think what an adventure it will be to travel to your destination using a different path and encountering new scenery!  OK, maybe “adventure” is a stretch, but we certainly don’t want anyone getting too anxious or stressed about a change to their normal travel pattern.  Rest assured that regardless of where you are starting out and where you would like to go, there is a detour or an alternate route.  The detour routes that were approved by the governmental agencies issuing our construction permits are located on our website.

Finally, you can keep yourself informed and receive immediate notifications of closures and detours by registering for our e-mail distribution list.  To sign up, go to and click on the Multi-Modal Path Project link on the right of the page and enter your e-mail address.

CDD Supervisors Paul Kelly, Dick Belles, Art Terrill, Charlie Dunlap, AAC Chairman Rich Lambrecht, and District Government Manager Janet Tutt start the multimodal path construction project with a ceremonial ground breaking at the Savannah Center.  Get updates on or signup for email not the District Government website.