The Villages Voice - August 2010

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Maintenance Tips form Home Warranty

by Dennis Stradinger

Maintenance Tips from Home Warranty Manager Dennis Stradinger

I am writing this article as I get ready to take my family on our summer vacation.  We traditionally return to Northern Michigan where I grew up and my parents still have a home.  My kids love returning there every year with anticipation of spending as much time as we can on Grandpa’s boat on beautiful Torch Lake.   I feel lucky to have been raised in such a beautiful area and I am blessed to be able to take my kids back and show them more about my original hometown.  I feel even more blessed to be able to live around here where opportunities allow my children to get a good education while living in a great area.

Now that I’ve bragged a little about my family and The Villages, I guess I better get down to business and give you a couple of home maintenance tips.  One thing we sometimes do not pay a whole lot of attention to is our sinks.  A couple of easy things can be done to prevent issues with your kitchen sink and bathroom vanities.   Most homes are equipped with a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink.  Please remember that these are designed to grind soft foods and should not be used like a trash compactor.  Keep stringy items like asparagus out of the disposal.  These things can wrap themselves around the blades and bind up the disposal and may even burn up the motor.  Dispose of just a little food at each time and chase with plenty of water.  Let the water run for several seconds after you turn off your disposal to be sure to wash away all of the food particles.  Trying to flush too much through your disposal may not allow the water to wash away the food and can block up your sewer pipe.  Also run some ice through your disposal periodically to help clean the blades off from the food particles that may get stuck there.  Using lemon or other citrus peel will also help with the smells that can develop in your disposal.

Your bathroom vanity can use some attention also.  Sink stoppers are attached to a pull lever that is connected below the sink in the drain.  These connections will catch hair, toothpaste, and many other items as you use your bathroom vanity.  This must be pulled out and cleaned completely off periodically.  Not only can this cause your sinks to drain slowly, but can also cause unpleasant odors.

As always please remember if you need help with finding qualified contractors or have any questions about your home, please feel free to contact The Villages Warranty office at 753-6222, or contact us through an e-mail request accessible on  home page.