The Villages Voice - August 2010

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The Villages by The Numbers

by Staff

By the Numbers

The Villages Lifelong Learning College (TVLLC) is the most participated in program in The Villages with about one fourth of Villagers attending programs and sessions at the College each year.  TVLLC is the only college of its type, which is not affiliated with another college or university.  TVLLC celebrated its tenth year of service to The Villages and has had over 150,000 attendees in an ever-expanding variety of classes.

  1.  How many courses are available each semester at TVLLC?
  2.  How many student enrollments were there last year at TVLLC?
  3.  How many employees administer the programs of TVLLC?
  4.  Which course has the most attendees at TVLLC?
  5.  What is the longest (weeks) course of instruction at TVLLC?

By the Numbers Answers


 Almost 500 sessions are available each semester with about two dozen surveys continually open looking for interest in new courses. 

2.   18,163 students attended 23,836 courses.

3.  Four full-time and two to four part-time employees administer the programs of TVLLC.   Another four dozen volunteers help with phones, filing, registration and miscellaneous administration duties.

4.  Yoga is the most popular course with 2500 enrollees per year in the 8-week long sessions.

5.  The shortest courses are only one day long.  Belly Dancing is ten weeks and the longest course at TVLLC.