The Villages Voice - August 2010

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VHA Regions 6 & 7 Regional Report

by Lauri Cooper

VHA Regions 6 & 7


Laurie Cooper, Chairperson, 750-9566

Bill Gottschalk, Vice Chairperson Region 6, 350-2405

Susan Bieberfeld, Vice Chairperson Region 7, 391-5066

Ron McMahon, Secretary, 205-4647

I want to welcome our newest VHA Representative for the Village of Bonita, Larry Ketzel. Larry will be working with Susan Bieberfeld the Vice-Chair of Region 7 to help him get up to speed on our policies and procedures.

Susan and I have been working with a group of residents of Aberdeen Run in the Village of Hemingway and the owner and general manager of the Havana Country Club restaurant and the president of the CIC to collaborate with residents and the management of Havana Restaurant to resolve an issue of performers at Havana playing at what was viewed as an unacceptably high volume.  After several meetings the owner and general managers of the restaurant have implemented changes that should reduce the volume to a comfortable level. We would like to thank all the participants in this process for maintaining a spirit of cooperation and working toward a “win-win” for both the Village residents and the Havana Restaurant. Many thanks also to our President Don Hahnfeldt and our Vice President Russ Demidio for their continued support.

At the recent VHA Quarterly Town Hall Meeting with The Villages and District Governments, a number of issues were discussed. Region 6 had some issues that are outlined in this paper. Thanks to all for their active participation.

We your VHA Representatives continue to be committed to preserve and enhance the value of your lifestyle and homes.  Remember you can find your VHA Rep’s contact information on your local Postal Facility bulletin board along with events in your neighborhoods.  There are still neighborhoods in need of reps – check the VHA Rep Contact page in this issue.  If you are interested in joining this hard-working group and helping your community, contact one of the members of the board listed above.

Stay safe and have fun