The Villages Voice - August 2010

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VHA North Region News

by Art Rowe

VHA North Region

As summer has settled in, the Northern districts of the Villages have seen the beginning of construction work on the cart paths and the invasion of little ones from all over the country. Let’s always keep in mind that the Golf Carts are fun to drive on a summer evening to the town squares for diner and music but Mon, Dad and 3-4 or 5 little ones zipping along on the side of Morse Blvd. can make your heart stutter. Sometimes it is better to take the car, with seat belt and car seats.

Let us not forget, that fall will bring the elections of several Amenity Authority Committee (AAC) members and representatives on each of District’s Board of Supervisors.  It is the responsibility of each of us to vote for the candidate who will represent us with out having a present agenda.  We need civic minded persons who are will to give up, (for little or no financial compensation) hours of their time, to preserve and protect our way of life and the value of our homes.

Speaking of volunteerism, all the VHA Regions are always looking for persons who would like to be informed and help their neighbors (new and old) get the correct information about the ever growing Village we live in.  Please call any of the persons listed on page #2 of this newspaper for information.

In the interest of stomping out rumors, keep yourself informed and up to date by getting your information from one of the following sources:   Click on “what’s happening”, the “AAC” or the latest on the “IRS Bond issue”. There is more info about The Villages at this web site than you need to know!!

You can also check the VHA web site at Even Sumter Counter Sheriff Farmer has a “face book” page you can join to get more update.