The Villages Voice - August 2010

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VHA Lake Region Report

by Joy Anderson

VHA Lady Lake / Lake County Region

Dear Great Lakers, I am writing an open letter to all of the residents of Lake County and Lady Lake. You may be aware that I was appointed to by the Lady Lake Commissioners on Monday, July 19, 2010, to fill the remaining term of Eldon Sheldon. He knew that his health issues were becoming serious around the first of this year. He had pretty much decided that he would not be able to run in November for a second term. He encouraged me to consider running and promised that he would give me all the benefit of his experience of his tenure on the AAC. I know of no one who loved his constituents more than Eldon. I was aware of the myriad of hours he spent keeping in touch with residents concerns and studying the volumes of paper works required to keep informed, We did not always agree, but I he was always a gracious, loving human being. I wish he would be available to me as he had suggested, but I fear that might not be possible. We all thank him for giving so much of himself. 
What is ahead? Everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed. I will be able to serve at two AAC meetings, September and October. I will be running in the November election for the seat Eldon held, and there will be several candidates on the ballott. We will hold our regular VHA Lake meeting on September 16, and October 21, 2010, at 6:30 in the Chula Vista Recreation Center. These meeting are open to the public. As in the past, I will rely on the input and support of all the area residents. The great change will be that I will have much more information to share, and will have a much more global perspective, as I consider the concerns of all the residents north of 466. 
I’ve taken the plunge, and I am excited, but I will need every one of you in the pool with me to stay afloat. Fondly, Joy Anderson VHA Lake County Regional Director