The Villages Voice - August 2010

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August 2010 Town Hall Meeting

by Sgtaff

VHA Quarterly Town Hall Meeting with The Villages and District Government


Buildings / Grounds / Maintenance and Upkeep

  Q:  An increasing number of air conditioning units are failing for various reasons.  Is there a manufacturing problem beyond normal wear and tear maintenance involved that residents should be aware of?   A:  None that Home Warranty has been made aware of or currently tracking. (Note: Residents of Emmalee Villas have been experiencing air conditioner failures and are collecting data for Home Warranty.)   Q:  Ponds on the 9th green of Mira Mesa and at the post office of Valle Verde are covered with pond scum and have an odor.  Is the maintenance matter or some treatment planned for correction of this issue?   A:  The pond on Mira Mesa has an invasive plant (hydrilla) that has been treated and will be treated again.  The resulting algae and decaying plant, plus warm weather reduces the oxygen levels.  Valle Verde is being treated also.   Q:  Valle Verde post office was recently cleaned, but an unattractive appearance remains from a mold or residue in the curbing area.  Is this treatable or fixable?

A:  Curbing is generally not treated.  But this curbing appears to have a treatable residue which will be chemically cleaned on the next pressure washing.  


  Q:  After the multimodal path improvement project is completed, which funds will be used for the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the improved paths?   A:  The ownership of the improved paths will be within their respective numbered districts, which will also be responsible for the associated maintenance costs.   Q:  The scam warning in the Daily Sun concerning subscription solicitation for the Daily Sun suggests that a weekly or periodic “Scam Alert” might be useful for residents.   A:  The Daily Sun will report on confirmed problems but a regular column does not appear to be warranted.  In extreme cases Sumter County Sheriff may issue a CodeRED alert or make a posting on his new facebook page.   Q:  Is there an entertainment policy change at Katie Belle’s, bringing in shows like John Davidson with tickets being sold?   A:  The Entertainment Department recently started booking headliner acts (John Davidson was the first) in response to residents’ favorable reviews of similar shows at Katie Belle’s.  Periodic booking of acts like Rita Coolidge, Charo and Chubby Checker have been made through December and will go on into 2011 if residents continue to support and enjoy this variety.  Tickets through The Villages Box Office for the up-close-and-personal, 400-seat venue of Katie Belle’s will be offered exclusively to Villagers for two weeks before offering non-Villagers a chance to attend at a higher price.   Q:  The burned out house on Spartanburg in Virginia Trace has finally had a ruling with a time limit for action by the end of summer.  Any update of actual physical progress?   A:  August 27th is the deadline given to the owners for action on this property.  The insurance company has made payment to the owner and bids are being taken for clearing the property.  The amenities fee payments are current.  Rebuild plans are not known.   Q:  Community Watch has undergone a series of policy changes and upgrades over the last six months.  Are there measureable results being achieved by these changes?   A:  The numbers of complaints have gone down and compliments have gone up.  CW has been undergoing an educational and training program to improve overall services.  CW has taken on the responsibility of removing dead animals.  CW assists law enforcement and participates in crowd and traffic control.  CW assists in gate repair, closely monitors solicitors and out of area guests, and is alert to open garage doors.  CW is effective in lost resident searches and providing homeowner and highway aid.  CW no longer provides routine courier services, but has modified its vehicle types to accommodate transportation for multiple passenger and carrying more and larger equipment.   Q:  Has the new resident ID card scanning performance improved with the acquisition of new scanners?   A:  Yes, as the issuing of new ID’s reaches the half-way mark of about 40,000, the new scanners have helped and personnel are becoming more proficient in their use.   Management   Q:  Can Deed Compliance force the improvement in the appearance of a chronic violator (as in the case of a Sabal Chase residence)?   A:  Deed Compliance will have a property maintained (mowed) about every 3-4 weeks depending on the season.  Neighbors can assist in this process by keeping Deed Compliance informed of a chronic violator to maintain on open record on the property and to start legal notifications and processes as early as possible.   Q:  Graffiti is becoming a repeated offense with spray painting on the Paradise Golf Bridge.   Is law enforcement working on resolving the matter?   A:  Community Watch and Lady Lake police are aggressively working this issue and are optimistic about resolving the matter soon.   Q:  Juvenile nuisance is a recurring issue at Spanish Springs and starting at Lake Sumter Landing.  Is increased presence of law enforcement and uniformed personnel planned for the summer?   A:  Law enforcement has increased its presence throughout the summer and over the weekend when the square attendance is highest.  Community Watch has also increased a uniform presence of officers and vehicles.   Q:  Is it ever less expensive to use potable water than irrigation water for outside use?   A:  It may appear that reclaimed water is expensive and it is.  Potable, which is used for outside hose connections, also has several additional costs beyond the per-gallon fee.  Potable water consumption determines sewer rates and has a utility tax.  The expensive tiered rate program is designed to discourage overuse and water waste.   Q:  Are there considerations for limitation on the use of multimodal paths and posting of speed limits?   A:  Not at this time.  There is no means to enforce any restrictions or limits placed on the use of multimodal paths in The Villages.  However, the possibilities of legislative changes for achieving some restrictions in multimodal paths are being reviewed.   Q:  Can a golf cart crossing be posted for golf carts crossing Buenos Aires to the medical and professional offices at Spanish Plaines?   A:   This is a matter for Sumter County to decide.  Currently there are no restrictions to crossing of use by golf carts on Buenos Aires Boulevard.  Sumter County lifted the restriction of golf cart use on Buenos Aires in July 2007.  (Note: Since there is no dedicated golf cart crossing area on Buenos Aires or automobile warning alert of golf cart crossing on this 4-lane street, considerable care should be taken by automobile drivers and golf cart drivers.  Sumter County Commissioners are currently considering a request for a dedicated golf cart crossing on Buenos Aires.)   Q:  Can additional safety and cautionary postings be made for the golf cart bridge over SR441/27 to discourage golf cart overtaking (passing going same direction) on this narrow overpass?   A:  Of course it’s possible to make additional posting.  But drivers using this steep and narrow bridge should always exercise care in crossing which includes driving slowly and being courteous.   Development   Q:  Are there any construction issues either delaying or complicating the scheduled opening of the VA Clinic at Mulberry (such as air conditioning noise)?   A:  There are no known issues that might delay the planned opening of the VA Clinic is late summer.  A noise issue with the clinic’s air conditioning plant is being addressed.   Q:  What are the prospects of restaurant and retail businesses coming to the Mulberry area along CR42?   A:  The Villages is working actively with a number of prospects and optimistic that with the opening of the clinic, additional commercial properties with join the Mulberry region.  (There is no new news from Sweet Tomatoes as a result of Villagers’ corresponding to its management.)   Q:  What is the role of the Warranty Department on issues such as the blistered shingle matter being discussed between residents and Owens Corning?   A:  Home Warranty has been monitoring the blistering shingle issue and support residents with information about the matter, about shingle warranties, and contact data with Owens Corning.   Q:  What is the status of the 40-bed Long Term Acute Care Promises Hospital on Rainey Trail?   A:  Promises Hospital exterior is complete and interior equipment and furnishings are near complete.  Discussions are currently in progress to determine commencement of operations.