The VHA is presently seeking volunteers and Neighborhood Representatives throughout the community to help coordinate, communicate, and, in general, get things done.  Many areas of The Villages need Neighborhood Representatives and other volunteers to help with the many educational, social, and philanthropic events sponsored by the VHA.

Neighborhood Representatives are the first line of communication from members to the Advisory Board.  Volunteers of all types are needed to successfully complete the many VHA-sponsored events such as bingo, the annual VHA Hoedown, educational programs, etc.  Are these huge, time-consuming, every-week commitments?  No, but it’s always easier for us to be successful with a large pool of volunteers to call on.

So, what are the benefits of volunteering or becoming a Neighborhood Rep?  Well, there are many VHA member-only events throughout the year, but the real frosting-on-top-of-the-cake benefit is a free ticket to the always-in-demand annual “An Evening with The Developer.”   Only volunteers, Neighborhood Reps and VHA officers get free, front-and-center tickets.

How can you become a Neighborhood Representative or volunteer?  It’s easy.  Contact one of the Vice-Presidents or The VHA President, Phil Walker.   Contact information is on page 2 of this month’s edition of The Voice.