The Villages Homeowners Advocates (VHA) presented a check for $1,000 to members of TLC Services, at the VHA Advisory Board meeting in October, to support the needs of this unique organization of retired professional social workers, mental health counselors, marriage/family therapists and substance abuse counselors delivering cost-free services to residents throughout The Villages and surrounding areas.  

A portion of the proceeds help underwrite the second publication of their signature brochure, How Will I Know When to Place my Loved One Into Memory Care?, written by Dr. James A Deutch, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  The booklets are distributed free through health service providers.  A copy was presented to every member of the Villages Homeowners Advocates at the meeting. 

Photo:   rom left, Dr. Jim Deutch, LCSW- booklet author and TLC Vice President, Marion Montecalvo, TLC Treasurer, Peggy Fiore, Chair of VHA Foundation Committee, Pat Hayes, LCSW, TLC Founder and Director, Bonnie Hovel, LCSW, TLC Director of Operations, and Lucille Karatzas, LCSW, TLC Secretary.

Peggy Fiore
Chairperson, The VHA Community Foundation