Vance “Fiscal Watchdog” Jochim

For Lake County Water Authority Board (LCWA)

Water Issues in Lake County (not all are under LCWA):


I will SHOW UP at LCWA meetings, ask questions and use my analysis skills to improve:

Water quality and conditions in lakes & rivers.

Methods to reduce fertilizer and water usage in landscaping.

Effect of St. John’s River Water Management District on lake levels.

Water allocations and questionable diversion to other uses.

Analysis of clean water sources, including technical solutions.

Support for water quality improvement & nutrient reduction systems like NuRf.

Removal of navigation obstacles on public water bodies.

Lobbying for Florida legislative priorities and remedies as needed.


About Vance Jochim (Yokum)

Lake County resident (Tavares), living on a boating canal by Lake Dora since 2006.

Retired Fortune 500 Internal Audit Manager focused on performance improvement.

Vietnam Veteran (1969-1970).

MBA, plus BA in Journalism and BS in Accounting, 3 certifications, certified FL Mediator.

Anti-Corruption Manager in US Embassy Baghdad Reconstruction Program (2004-2006)

Publisher of Lake County’s fiscal watchdog blog for 12+ years

Published videos of local government meetings at

Author of the eBook draft on performance auditing at 

Covered meetings and wrote articles and posted videos of:

Lake County Board of County Commissioners & the Lake County School District

North Lake County Hospital District and the Tavares City Council


Official Facebook Group: