The Villages Homeowners Advocates is extending the time frame for its first-ever Four-Person Golf Scramble.  The event was originally planned to be held during the entire month of March, but in order to allow more teams to schedule tee times we are extending it through the month of April.  

    • Competition will consist of four-person teams in the following categories: Women’s, Men’s Over 70, and Men’s Under 70. Teams must play one Level Three and one Level Four Executive courses in The Villages.  
    • The event will use a scramble format and teams must play and complete a scorecard for each of the rounds they play. 
    • Winners will be determined by score-to-parScore to par is a statistic that shows the average score to par for all holes included in the calculation. It is calculated by adding up all the scores for the included holes, and subtracting from that the total sum of the pars for those holes and dividing the result by the total number of holes.  Thus:  Your Score MINUS the pars for all holes played for a particular course, DIVIDED by the number of holes played.  
    • Entry fee for the event is $10 for VHA members and $20 for non-members.  All entry fees must be received prior to playing either round.  Sixty percent of all entry fees will be returned as prize money for the winning teams. The number and amount of prizes will be determined by the number of teams entered. 
    •  Women will play from the green tees and men from the gold tees for this  
    • In the Over 70 event, all team players must be over 70.  Players over 70 MAY play in the Under 70 event.
  • Teams can play the tournament on any day or days in the months of either March or April.  

Questions?  Contact Mike Burke at MikeBurkeVHA@Yahoo.com352-205-7031.