We are pleased to announce the consolidation of the activities of The VHA Community Foundation into the daily operations of The VHA. Since The VHA is now its own non-profit, 501 c 3 organization, it is our staunch belief that this decision will bring about positive changes for everyone. 

It will make the VHA stronger and able to ensure its long- term viability. 

Joining these two great forces together will mean greater things for our members, including access to additional educational programs, and special events benefitting the entire community. 

We assure you that the mission of the Community Foundation and its initiative of working on “aging in place” issues will continue within the structure of The VHA. 

We are looking forward to the numerous benefits that we can all reap from taking this step. 

We greatly appreciate your continued support of The VHA as we move this organization ahead to meet the needs of The Villages residents. 

The VHA Board of Directors
The VHA Community Foundation Board of Directors