Another Opportunity to Learn

You may have heard me talk about or read about learning opportunities provided by our District Government. I have described how important it is to learn about how our local government operates. Well, here is another opportunity. Sumter County offers a five-week course called The Sumter County Citizens Academy. John Dyslin the Sumter County Public Information Officer recently contacted me with information about the course. The Citizen Academy is a five-week course with each session lasting about one-half day.

A complete synopsis of the course with locations and times is available if you contact John at his email address which is I am positive he will welcome you into the program. You also can meet our three area Vice Presidents who will be participating in the course. Karl Arps, Ellie Decker, and Dave Fountaine will be participating in the course beginning on January 10. All three jumped at the possibility of attending with two purposes in mind. The first is to expand their knowledge of how county government works followed with their efforts to provide better services for our members.

We will continue in 2023 to provide you with information that will help you in the endeavor of “Keeping the Dream Alive.”

Peter Russell, VHA President