To help support candidates in the 2018 General Election and to provide information to Village Residents on candidates running for office in their area we are publishing a Biographical Sketch and/or a short Video for all candidates who are opposed in the General Election. This information will be posted to the VHA Webpage on October 1st, 2018.

To review the information, visit the VHA Webpage at At the top upper right of that page click on “Elections”. On the next page select the County of interest, and on the following page click on the name of the candidate. Selecting the candidate’s name, shown in brown, will take you to the page with either the Bio, Video, or both. Names in black have not furnished information. If you have problems accessing the information, please contact: Joe Elliott: (757) 846-1998. Interested individuals can also get relevant information from their local County Supervisor of Elections. Thanks and Happy Election!