Hello, I’m Judge Robert Landt. I was elected Marion County Court Judge in 2012 and am seeking re-election to this seat. Prior to serving as a County Judge, I practiced law for 24 years with extensive experience representing people and businesses in County Court cases. My understanding of the issues facing litigants in civil matters in County Court makes me uniquely qualified in this race.

I believe the County Court Judges are community leaders. For 30 years I have participated in numerous community and professional organizations, taking a leadership role in most. Those organizations are: Rotary (Sunset Club) – past president/current member; Elks Club – past president/current member; Habitat for Humanity – past vice-president/Board of Directors; Boy Scouts of America Troop 172 – past treasurer/adult leader; Marion County Gator Club – past president; Marion County Bar Association – 30 yr member; Kiwanis Club of Ocala – 30 yr member; Blessed Trinity Catholic Church – 30 yr member; and Blessed Trinity Catholic School – volunteer coach.

As a County Judge, I continued my community and professional service in the following organizations: Judicial Liaison to Marion County Heroin Opiod Task Force; Judicial Liaison to CCF Public Policy Institute, Study of the Cost of Justice; Selected to teach my fellow Florida judges at the Annual Conference of County Judges.


I have the ability to see the big picture and think outside the box to create solutions to problems. I created the Misdemeanor Drug Court, an alternative court which allows non-felons with addiction issues to participate in closely supervised drug treatment programs instead of being tried for their crimes. Participants report to Court weekly and complete whatever treatment they are assigned. If a participant does not cooperate with the program, they will still face trial. However, by addressing the addiction issue, you get a much better outcome for the participant and for society and save the taxpayers the high cost of putting these people in jail.

This concept of maximizing the outcomes and saving taxpayer dollars in criminal cases is called “Smart Justice”. Not only do taxpayers save the cost of incarceration, but also the derivative costs to the community that result from lengthy jail sentences for misdemeanors. This is not being soft on crime, it’s being Smart on Crime, and I am committed to Smart Justice at the County Court level.

On the personal side, I have been married for 30 years to Mary Cay Landt, who was also my law partner for over 20 years before I took the bench. We have 2 adult sons and are active Gator fans.