Candidate for School Board, District 5:

  • Last 12 years as an elementary school teacher in our Marion County schools (taught grades 4 and 5) at College Park (11 years) and Ward-Highlands (last school year)
  • Worked 16 years in the ministry of several churches in various positions including pastor, associate pastor and minister of music, education or youth
  • Spent 10 years in the business world working with a restaurant franchise as a manager or an area manager (multi-units supervision)
  • Master’s Degree (M Div) from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Psychology and Counseling
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BBA) from Georgia College (now Georgia State College and University) with an emphasis in management
  • Resident of Marion County and District 5 for 19 years
  • Married 34 years and have two sons that graduated from Vanguard High School (2004, 2013). The eldest is living in Ocala while the youngest is serving in the Air Force and stationed in Utah.
  • Attends One Life Fellowship Church in Ocala

I’m running without accepting cash donations from anyone. Can any politician running for the School Board District 5 say that? I’m “putting my money where my mouth is!” I’m running on my funds so that when I say I’m not beholden to any group or people, it’s the truth! I have not accepted money to help with my campaign. I just want our schools to be better, not take money from someone who may have other agendas.

We have many issues that need to be discussed from the School Resource Officers (SRO) funding after the 2018-19 school year, to security on our school campuses, to increasing vocational training opportunities in our high schools to recruiting and retaining quality teachers. With the last “report card” from our state regarding our school grades, it’s time to stop playing politics and get the job done.


We are now ranked 61 out of 67 school districts in Florida. We’re going the wrong way! Our elementary schools need help! We have more F schools than last year. I want to work with our superintendent and other school board members to help our schools improve. I am familiar with the iReady program our district is using to track student progress. I was a teacher last year in an elementary school, I know what works and what doesn’t! Let’s work together to make our classrooms better.


Bringing common sense and teaching experience to the School Board

Marion County School Board, District 5