Dr. Perry Berkowitz Biographical Sketch

My name is Perry Berkowitz and I am an Educator for Education.  I am running for a seat on the Lake County Florida School Board. Let me tell you about myself and let me tell you why I am running.

First of all in what ways am I qualified to be elected to a school board?

     My education includes a Bachelors in education (State University of New York), a Master’s in Education Leadership (Harvard University) and a Doctorate in Education Leadership (University of Massachusetts).

     I have dedicated my life to the education of children.   I have been a teacher of mathematics in public and private schools.  I have been a high school principal, an assistant superintendent of schools, a superintendent of schools (in a rural, an urban and  a suburban school district), and a college professor chairing graduate programs and teaching courses in education leadership, supervision, research and finance.   I believe I have the training and the experience to qualify for the Lake County Schools Board

Why am I running?

  • Lake County Schools serve 43000 students, 26 percent of whom are living in poverty. Over 2400 of them are considered *homeless. These students need full access to enriched curricula.  They must have their talents discovered and nurtured.  They need access to all curricula in all disciplines in every school.  In short, I want to work to insure that all students have equal opportunities for an education that enriches their minds, bodies and hearts. 
  • I want to work to insure that school leaders and teachers are provided with:

     (1) A clear mission,

     (2) The authority to carry out that mission, and 

     (3) Freedom from micromanagement.

  • I want to work to insure that students’ and teachers’ voices are heard especially when they plead for measures that will help them feel safe in their schools and especially when overwhelmingly they tell us that: they do not want teachers to have guns in schools!

I have learned much about the education of children and I am ready to share that knowledge with the Lake County Florida Schools!


 * With over 400 living in motels approximately 200 living in emergency or transitional shelters and almost 100 on average living in cars, parks, or campgrounds. Source: Lake County Schools