Paulette Kennamer for Sumter County Commissioner is a write-in candidate for seat two. She is self-funded and a self-employed homeowner in Lake Panasoffkee, FL. As an animal advocate, Paulette is for changing the animal services program to NO KILL. She is for an auxiliary Sherriff office presence in the Croom area of the county. Paulette is against corruption and dishonesty in every level of government. She once called the sheriff for assistance when a neighbor man threatened her for walking on his grass where there are no sidewalks. The deputy asked her ‘why did you make him mad?’ Really. Government is to be by the people, not just a few, and answerable to the constituents. Common sense has been lost and AWOL for too long. Open Door policies are the best to assist commissioners in staying in touch with what is going on in the county. Flood control assistance is not offered during hurricanes and the current flooding, and people who could have benefitted from sandbags were left on their own. Looting occurs on the river after homeowners have evacuated. Should homeowners have to choose to stay in a flooded home rather than take the chance of thefts? Sumter residents could benefit with community centers with a public pool in the more rural parts of the county. It can be a gathering place to assist neighbors in getting to know each other and help take care of each other in the good times and the bad. Do we need a new jail? Paulette does not think so. Sumter needs to help people NOT want to go to jail. Rural Sumter residents have been isolated and left out of the process from the NE part of the county. Sumter County does not need to be paved over and to shove the wild animals into the backyards trying to find a way to survive. Sumter requires a balance to keep the rural areas from disappearing and protect the precious natural resources. What kind of neighbor are you? Make this personal. Do you buy groceries while a man waits for his SS check to arrive? Do you get dog food for someone between jobs so they can keep their pets? Will you take in a homeless person to get them on their feet? Be a good neighbor where you live, and we all benefit.