Do you “bristle” often?  I have found myself doing exactly that lately, and had to have a good talk with myself and say an earnest prayer for some divine help to stop bristling unnecessarily.  It seems with COVID rearing its ugly head again and politics continuing to heat up the landscape, a lot of us are bristling over minor irritations and justifying our lack of patience and forbearance.  It is exactly those times when we need reminders to practice patience and let things go that we are tempted to bristle over.  So, consider yourself reminded.

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to speak up regarding the decisions being made about the future of our public safety here in The Villages.  Since the date for the final vote is now set for September 21st, let’s continue to voice our support for our LOCAL Villages Public Safety Department.  We all know they are doing a fine job and committed to our community beyond just providing the basic protections any public safety department is tasked with.  If, for some unknown reason, the commissioners vote to eliminate this vital part of our sense of safety and excellent service, I will, for one, be bristling with good cause.

We are still in the midst of hurricane season, and while it is easy to view the ones that have petered out with skepticism when it comes to those that are ahead, it is best to be prepared.  It is also good to know we live in a community that bands together when needed.  We recently shared a parking lot shuttle with a couple who were here during the tornado of 2007, and they are still singing the praises of the response to that catastrophic event.  With all the chaos outside of this bubble we call home, we are indeed blessed.

On behalf of our great North Area,
Jan Palmer, Editor