Although I have lived in The Villages for four years now, and visited for at least six years prior to that for a month each year, it never ceases to amaze me how much I don’t know about how well this place is managed and operates. It is only when I am forced to look deeper into issues or how things are done that I finally begin to grasp one piece of the bigger picture that makes this place so special.

This month I attended the presentation The VHA made available to all residents that highlighted the way our public safety department system for medical emergencies currently functions. It was an informative and thorough presentation, and yet I still had to do some homework because I’m a bit dense sometimes, so what I discovered is on Page 4.

I also attended The VHA presentation about Community Watch. That was an eye-opener for me. I had no idea how vital it is to the sense of security and peace of mind we take for granted.

In the public safety presentation, moderated by our district manager, along with Chief Cain of The Villages Public Safety Department, Richard Baier stressed that people who move here are not just buying a home; they are investing in a lifestyle; including all the services and amenities that are in place to support that lifestyle. I would like to encourage you to get involved at some level in maintaining what we have and “Keeping the Dream Alive”. It’s up to each one of us to preserve the beauty and excellence that defines The Villages.

Jan Palmer
Editor, The VHA Voice