While this might be a bit late, I wanted to let you know that in filing your tax return for 2020 there is a new option for a deduction even if you are not itemizing. The majority of filers do not itemize anymore, but to generate help for charities, taxpayers can claim a deduction up to $300.00 for cash (or check or credit card) donations to qualified charities.  The reason, per IRS, for this is that many charities are in trouble with donations dropping off due to COVID and they wanted to add an incentive to make contributions. Donations of property do not qualify for this deduction.

Word is that construction of the new hospital that UF Health is building will start in the first quarter of 2021. At the general meeting for December the CEO of UFHealth, Edward Jimenez, talked about the new hospital overall. Mr. Jimenez seemed very happy with the cooperation and assistance that they have received from The Villages. We were told that it will include, in addition to the hospital, one or two medical office buildings and an educational complex for training medical students and residents. The down side is that construction will take three to three and a half years.

Mr. Jimenez also talked about the current hospital and acknowledged that many are not happy with it. I had the distinct impression that he is very earnest in his concerns and desire to make it better. He stated that the pandemic had derailed plans for 2020, but that change is happening, maybe just a little every day, but every day is better than yesterday.

Mike Dollard
Vice President