The North Area of The Villages is where Keeping The Dream Alive was born. What started as a small dream in the 1970’s has become a sprawling community that covers three counties and portions of the municipalities of Lady Lake and Wildwood. Often called the historical area, it is where The VHA had its humble beginnings. Many of the residents and VHA members who reside there have lived through many changes and expansions over the years, and it has been, and will continue to be, a wellspring of leadership and fresh ideas.

With so much new construction and growth going on in the southern areas, it is good to see attention being paid to renovations and innovations in the north area as well. The concern about the apartments at the former site of the Hacienda Hills Country Club and above the businesses in the town squares has not escaped the attention or concern of all Villagers. It obviously will affect those in the immediate area the most, but I think it is important to note that many people see the option for apartment living in the north as a positive option for them. They offer a living arrangement that will make it possible for them to remain in familiar surroundings when they are no longer able to maintain a home. They are less concerned about a negative impact with regards to parking, tee times, and overcrowding and more focused on aging in place and continuing to be able to enjoy all the Spanish Springs town square has to offer. Keeping an open mind, taking a “wait and see” approach, and welcoming new ideas can, and will, keep our northern community exciting and fresh.

I went shopping and had lunch at Amerikano’s at Spanish Springs  this week with a  couple  of girlfriends from high  school.  There are so many unique shops there, including two of my favorites, Cozco and  Brylah, that I was able to get some Christmas shop- ping done. Support our local  merchants so they can stay open during these trying times.

We are all looking forward to being able to go to a movie again, and especially doing so once the Rialto Theater reopens after extensive renovations. Rumors have been floating around that it will have reserved seating, reclining seats, in-theater food service, and other features to make it the most up-to-date movie- going venue in The Villages area.

The VHA’s valuable leadership team for the north area would welcome some fresh faces and perspectives as we look to the future.  Let us know,  by contacting  the main office, or President Phil Walker, if you are interested in continuing to make things happen in The North Area.