Standing in for Andy this month: 
By the time this arrives in The Daily Sun on September 2nd, weather permitting, the Waterlily Bridge over the Florida Turnpike will be in place and on track to continue to connect the Far South Villages to the older, more established areas north of SR44.  It will, once it is completed, make golf cart, bicycle, and pedestrian access available to residents for shopping, dining, recreation, and more.  It will provide residents in the Villages west of the Turnpike with connectivity to the Brownwood Bridge over SR 44.

Two more bridges are planned:  The Chitty Chatty Bridge across SR 44 at Kristine Way near the Rohan Recreation Center which will benefit residents in Villages on the east side of the Turnpike, and the Bexley Bridge, east of Marsh Bend Trail and south of Warm Springs Avenue.

Connecting all areas of The Villages with multi-modal bridges will benefit all Villagers and add to the unique sense of unity and community pride we all expect and enjoy.  Personally, I cannot wait to take a golf cart ride to explore my Far South neighbors and the amazing area amenities.
The adventure continues!